In 2013 I wrote the page below.  In early 2015 I replaced this experimental book/blog site with a professionally-designed site at teachingengineering.liv.ac.uk .  Please redirect yourself to this new site to read my text, add your comments and possibly to order a printed copy.

It is more than 3 years since I wrote the first edition of Teaching Engineering.  It is time for an update, but perhaps a new pdf is too static and rigid: I would like you to be able to comment on my ideas, and to add fresh examples of good practice.  I am therefore updating the text by means of this blog.  I (and my collaborator Oliver Broadbent) will be blogging both the original text and comments upon it over the next few months.  We hope that you will join in.

This is an experiment in publishing, using a whole text as a blog.  We would like to use readers’ comments to update the archival version of the text every six months or so.  It will then be possible to print (on demand) an updated version of the text, rendering the pdf slightly less frozen in time.

I will make regular posts, to which I hope users will respond.  These responses, together with the comments on each section of the book, will be used to update the static text periodically.

Peter Goodhew – November 2013


1 thought on “About

  1. Arlindo Silva

    hi Peter
    I think this an excelente idea. It’s been two years since I read your book, and if I had it in print I would have jotted some things on the side… Now I’ll have to browse through it again. I will do it, eventually!
    Best of luck with this idea


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